Mar 29, 2024

ShopCierge.AI Introduces Multilingual and Multi-Currency Support: Unlock Your Shopify Store's Global Potential

Engage international customers, boost sales, and expand your business globally with ShopCierge's cutting-edge localized shopping experiences.

In today's interconnected world, ecommerce brands have a unique opportunity to reach and serve customers across borders. However, delivering personalized, localized shopping experiences at scale can be challenging. At ShopCierge, we've harnessed the power of conversational AI to help Shopify stores overcome language and currency barriers, providing guided support to customers anywhere, anytime.

We're excited to introduce our game-changing international features:

  1. Multilingual AI Concierge: ShopCierge's AI concierge, powered by ChatGPT, now seamlessly detects and communicates in your customers' preferred language. It supports all language and locales available in your Shopify Admin, ensuring a seamless, localized experience for your international customers.

  2. Effortless Multi-Currency Support: Say goodbye to incorrect product prices being displayed. ShopCierge automatically communicates product recommendations (including product cards) in correct store currency (even for products with different prices for different markets), making it easier than ever to serve customers in multiple markets.

  3. Around-the-Clock Global Shopping Guidance: By deeply understanding your products and customers' needs, ShopCierge's AI concierge provides tailored, persuasive shopping guidance 24/7. No matter where your customers are, what language they speak, or what currency they use, ShopCierge is there to help.

ShopCierge chat in Spanish (Mexico)


  • Q: Will ShopCierge integrate seamlessly with my existing international Shopify setup?

    • A: Absolutely! ShopCierge automatically syncs with your store's language and currency settings, delivering chat messages and product recommendations for csutomers in the current session's (active) store language and currency, requiring no manual work on your end.

  • Q: Can ShopCierge handle stores with multiple languages and currencies?

    • A: 100% yes! We've designed ShopCierge to power personalized customer experiences for stores serving multiple markets, ensuring a localized touch for every shopper. We aim to be the #1 international AI Concierge solution for Shopify stores.

  • Q: My international business is growing rapidly. Can ShopCierge scale with me?

    • A: ShopCierge is built to grow with your business, from your first international order to your millionth. As your global presence expands, ShopCierge will be there to support you every step of the way. No matter your scale, we have a plan/tier for you - and, with our Elite plan, we even provide a white-glove customization service where we will continuously tune & optimize your AI Concierge on your behalf.

We're thrilled to collaborate with forward-thinking Shopify brands like yours to redefine the future of global ecommerce. If you haven't experienced the power of ShopCierge yet, now's the perfect time to start. Sign up for our 30-day free trial today and witness firsthand how our multilingual, multi-currency AI can revolutionize your international customer experience and drive global growth.

To your success in the global market,

The ShopCierge.AI Team