Nov 3, 2023

ShopCierge AI for Shopify: Your Ultimate Setup Guide


Welcome to a seamless integration of AI and human touch in eCommerce: ShopCierge, your AI Concierge, is here to transform your Shopify store into a beacon of personalized customer service and sales excellence. Powered by ChatGPT-4, ShopCierge is not just technology—it's the future of customer engagement. Ready to leap ahead? This comprehensive guide will lead you through each step of installation and customization with precision and clarity.

Step 1: Starting Your ShopCierge Journey

Begin by visiting ShopCierge on the Shopify App Store to leverage this innovative service for your store.

  • Click “Install” and authorize the installation.

Choose the perfect plan for your business scale at ShopCierge Pricing. Our recommendation for budding enterprises (earning up to $10K/month) is the Essential Plan, starting at $0/month.

Step 2: Activation – Your Gateway to AI-Powered Commerce

In your ShopCierge dashboard, you will see a prompt to "Add AI Concierge to Store" – this is where your journey to AI-enhanced customer interactions begins. This step is needed to enable the "Chat with AI" widget (chat button) on your storefront.

  1. Click the "Add AI Concierge to Store" button to launch Theme Editor > App Embeds.

  2. Check the "AI Chatbot Widget" in the App Embeds menu. Ensure it's toggled on. (You can verify by ensuring that the Chat button shows at the bottom right of the page, within the theme preview.)

  3. Click 'Save' in the Theme Editor to publish the changes.

You should see this verified back on the ShopCierge Admin page, once complete:

Step 3: Your Store at a Glance – Auto-Synced and Ready

On your main admin page, you'll find a neatly auto-synced array of your store's vital stats:

  • Brand name, colors, logo, and more, pulled directly from your Shopify details. (Click the shortcut link to update these in Shopify settings, if needed.)

  • Select the category that best represents your product range.

Step 4: Training Your AI Concierge – Your Brand's Digital Ambassador

Creating your AI Concierge with ShopCierge is akin to onboarding a new team member. It's essential to impart your brand’s ethos and operational specifics to ensure consistent, personalized service. Below, we'll dive into customizing Knowledge (Information), Persona (Behavior), Name, and Welcome Message, with real-world examples to guide you.

Knowledge (Information) – The Brain of Your Concierge

Here's where you feed your AI Concierge the core substance of your brand. Fill its knowledge base with nuanced details about your store, just as you would nurture a new employee's understanding of your operations.

How to Populate Your AI’s Knowledge:

  1. List Key Store Details: Start with the basics—your store's history, mission, values, and unique selling points.


We are a family-owned boutique from Austin, Texas, established in 2010, 
specializing in handcrafted leather goods. Our commitment to sustainability 
is showcased through our use of locally sourced, eco-conscious materials

  1. Policies and FAQs: Outline your shipping, returns, warranty, and support policies, along with answers to frequently asked questions.


FAQs for LeatherCrafters Boutique:

- What materials are used in your products?

Our leather goods are crafted using 100% locally sourced, vegetable-tanned 
leather, ensuring a reduced environmental impact.

- Can products be personalized?

Absolutely! We offer monogramming services for most of our products—perfect 
for gifts or adding a personal touch.

- What is your return policy?

Items can be returned within 30 days of purchase, provided they are in their 
original condition. Personalized items are exempt from returns.

- How do I care for my leather goods?

We recommend using our branded LeatherCare balm every 6 months to keep your 
leather soft and protected

  1. Insider Tips & Hints: Share insights or tips that showcase your expertise and enhance customer trust.


Insider Tip: To keep your leather bag in peak condition, store it in a cool, 
dry place out of direct sunlight. Regular conditioning can extend the life of 
your product by years

  1. Seasonal Promotions and Events: Educate your AI about upcoming sales or events to keep your customers informed.


Heads-Up: Our annual Anniversary Sale is right around the corner! From 
September 10-20, enjoy exclusive discounts on our signature leather backpacks 
and belts

Persona (Behavior) – The Heart of Your Concierge

Define the personality and behavioral traits of your AI, crafting interactions that reflect your brand's voice and ethos. Your AI Concierge's Persona is its roadmap for engaging with customers. Beyond a programmed script, it embodies a dynamic that reacts to customer cues, maintaining the delicate balance between guiding a sale and providing stellar customer service.

Crafting Your AI's Persona:

  1. Set the Tone of Interaction: Choose a demeanor that reflects your brand's values and resonates with your customers.


- Persona Traits: Approachable, informed, and supportive.
- Interaction Style: Listens to customer concerns, providing clear, 
  knowledgeable responses and encouragement

  1. Response Style and Approach: After the initial welcome, how should your AI converse? This is where you detail the AI's approach to customer service once engagement begins.


- Response Approach: Warm and engaging, with a quick wit.
- Directive: When a customer engages, respond with insightful product 
  knowledge peppered with engaging commentary to make the shopping 
  experience enjoyable

  1. Handling Specific Situations: Equip your AI with the finesse to navigate particular scenarios customers may present.


- Situation: Customer inquiry about product availability.
- Directive: If a customer asks about out-of-stock items, guide them 
  to sign up for restock alerts and recommend similar available products

  1. Navigating Sales Conversations and Promotions: Define the extent to which your AI should actively promote sales, mention discounts, or upsell, ensuring it aligns with your brand ethos.


- Upselling Approach: Helpful and suggestive, never forceful.
- Directive: In conversations about product features, subtly 
  introduce higher-end alternatives as 'popular choices' or 
  'value-added selections.'
  1. Introducing Promotions: Direct your AI to tactfully incorporate promotions into the conversation, relevant to the customer's current context.


- Promotion Cue: Customer expresses interest in an accessory related 
  to a primary product.
- Directive: If a customer shows interest in accessories, 
  inform them of package deals or current promotions that could enhance 
  their purchase, like 'Bundle up and save!' offers

By customizing your AI's Persona (Behavior) with these detailed guidelines, you’ll ensure that every customer interaction is a reflection of your brand’s unique voice and commitment to service. Your AI Concierge will become a true extension of your team, capable of engaging customers with the same care and expertise as your best employees.

Key Takeaway: The behavior of your AI Concierge should be a strategic mix of brand personality and effective sales tactics. Carefully scripted responses, recognition of sales cues, and an adaptive promotional dialogue are key for an AI that not only serves but also sells.

Introduction – The Face of Your Concierge

Your AI's first impression is crucial. Personalize its name and welcome message to make every customer feel valued from the start.

Setting Up Your AI's Introduction:

  1. Choose a Name: Pick a name that aligns with your brand image and is easy for customers to remember.


  1. Craft a Welcome Message: Create a warm, inviting message that sets the stage for positive interactions.


Hey there! I’m Crafty, your guide to all things leather. 
What can I craft for you today

Implementing these steps will ensure your AI Concierge becomes a true extension of your team, equipped to deliver customer service that resonates with your brand identity. Remember, a well-trained AI Concierge not only elevates the customer experience but also becomes a valuable asset in driving sales and fostering loyalty.

Final Pro Tip: Regularly update your AI's knowledge base and interaction style to keep pace with your evolving brand and customer needs. A dynamic AI Concierge remains a step ahead in serving your clientele!

Step 5: The AI Training Regimen – Continuous Improvement for Exceptional Service

Think of the AI Concierge as a new hire – with the right training, the potential is limitless. Regular reviews of weekly briefings allow for refinement and growth.

Step 6: Communication – Your Link to Customer Insights and Alerts

Two pivotal email settings ensure you’re always in the know:

  • Customer Assist Alerts: Real-time escalations sent directly to your preferred email.

  • Weekly Briefings: A digest of interactions, complete with performance metrics and raw transcripts for trend analysis and AI tuning.

  • Set or update your email preferences to stay on top of AI interactions.

Conclusion: Elevate Your eCommerce Experience with ShopCierge

ShopCierge represents more than a leap into AI-driven commerce—it's a steadfast ally in your brand's journey towards unparalleled customer service excellence. By integrating ChatGPT-4's sophisticated capabilities with ShopCierge, each customer interaction is transformed into a seamless, personalized shopping experience that not only meets but anticipates customer needs, nurturing satisfaction and loyalty.

Remember, the depth of your AI Concierge's knowledge directly correlates with the richness of the customer experience. Investing time into its customization reaps rewards in customer engagement and conversion rates. Keep a keen eye on the weekly insights; they are the compass that guides the continuous enhancement of your AI. As your brand evolves, maintaining your AI Concierge's learning curve is not just an advantage—it's essential.

Take the first step towards revolutionizing your customer service. Don't let your Shopify store fall behind—equip it with the power of ShopCierge today and watch your customer satisfaction and sales soar.

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