Sep 22, 2023

ShopCierge, Powered by ChatGPT-4, Officially Launches on the Shopify App Store, Bringing Advanced AI to SMB Merchants

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 22, 2023 - Today marks the official launch of ShopCierge on the Shopify App Store, offering merchants an unparalleled advantage in customer engagement. This state-of-the-art solution, powered by the same technology underlying ChatGPT-4, aims to elevate the digital presence of small and medium-sized businesses, giving them tools on par with industry giants.

ShopCierge's inception centers around the evolution of chatbots, transforming them from basic scripted responders to intelligent entities. With the capabilities of GPT-4, ShopCierge is not just another chatbot—it actively engages customers, recommends products based on intent and criteria, offers support, and turns inquiries into sales opportunities.

"Chatbots have come a long way. With the advent of GPT-4 technology, we saw an opportunity to redefine the e-commerce experience," said Joshua Segeren, Founder of ShopCierge. "Our vision is for every SMB merchant to have an intelligent, always-on, and tailored AI assistant. ShopCierge makes this vision accessible, requiring just a few clicks for installation and no technical skills."

To mark the launch, ShopCierge is offering a special promotion for early adopters: a 33% discount for the first three months, complemented by a 7-day free trial. Merchants can experience firsthand the transformative impact of this AI-driven sales and support hero.

Merchants can seamlessly install ShopCierge from the Shopify App Store:

About ShopCierge

Based in Los Angeles, CA, ShopCierge is committed to revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape for SMBs. Through advanced AI solutions, ShopCierge enhances online shopping experiences by offering real-time, intelligent interactions between brands and their customers. This commitment to excellence and accessibility is evident in ShopCierge's innovative approach and its use of cutting-edge technology.